The future of private medical facilities are clear due to the restructuring of the health care industry in South Africa, the government's initiative to develop a national insurance scheme and eventually a fully-fledged national health scheme.

Organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the ever-changing, fast-paced modifications required in the field of health care.

Therefore the company's future strategy will be:


The Group will continue to develop and buy properties in Gauteng, other metropolitan areas and in selected growth points, such as Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, North-West, Mpumulanga and Free State. The focus will be mainly on selected acquisitions of quality medical, commercial and light industrial properties.


To manage and spread risk, increase capacity and create value through international expansion. This will be done through the following strategy mechanisms:

To acquire quality development opportunities at reduced prices in good locations near or adjacent to private hospitals.

To acquire shareholding and management positions in international development companies to gain international expertise, understanding of the international markets and best practices in the property development and investment field.

To partner with national and international companies and HNI (high net worth individuals) that can contribute equity, access funding and expertise.

To establish a relationship with these companies and individuals who may in turn invest in South Africa in future.

To utilize these international companies' local standing track record and market profile in that specific country to attract other equity investors for development we undertake in South Africa.

To diversify Benchmark Property Development's risk.

To utilize Benchmark Property Developments’ skills and experience to expand the business into other African markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximise long-term returns for our shareholders through property investment. Through experience, knowledge and detailed planning our mission is to find the opportunities to develop world class facilities that will not only provide in the health care needs of the people, but to also ensure long term sustainable returns to shareholders.

With an average growth rate of 5.8% in 2013, Africa remains a bottomless cup of opportunities. The African continent has more than half of the world’s agriculturally suitable yet unused land and water resources as well as enormous mineral riches. The growing world population and substantially increasing living standards in Asia, food production in future will have to come from of Africa. Given the current limited health care facilities, Africa presents huge opportunities for development in the next 5 – 10 years. Although the operating environment remains challenging across the continent, there are countries making tremendous progress in this regard.

Management of clinical facilities require detailed, specialised attention to uninterrupted services and maintenance of high specialised equipment and operating theatres. The real estate subsidiary deals with leasing, tenant coordination and installation, full lease administration, rental collection, reporting and facility management, and, preventative maintenance programs.

Our Vision

Our vision as developer and investor is to provide facilities of excellence throughout Africa to in turn enable and empower people by focussing on enhancing quality of life through excellent facilities.

“All the facilities, all the professionals, all together.”


We always fulfil our promises

We always act responsibly

We deal with our stakeholders in a sincere and transparent manner

Financial Prudence

We take informed transparent decisions

We continuously monitor and measure our investment returns and take corrective action


We have knowledge, expertise and experience in our area of responsibility

We demonstrate good judgement in our decision making

We empower our emplyees to perform

We we trust our employees


We display energy and a positive attitude

We are ambassadors off our products and services

We always strive to be successful

We are committed and loyal

A member of the Benchmark Group